VRcollab Default Navigation Controls

VRcollab softwares use both a combination of mouse and keyboard for smooth and quick navigation, even around large BIM Models.

By default the navigation guide, as shown below, will appear at the bottom of the default menu.

  • The Navigation Guide can be hidden by clicking on the "X" at the top right of the navigation guide.
  • The Navigation Guide can be summoned by clicking on the Question mark "(?)" situated at the top right of the default menu.
  • There are two types of navigation menus that may appear depending on the Camera Control Mode that is currently selected ( Under Controls > Camera Controls ):

Basic Movement

  • W - Front
  • A - Left
  • S - Back
  • D - Right
  • Mouse Right Hold Down + Drag - Look Around
The above WASD should be used in combination with mouse movements for a smooth and effective navigation experience.
Trying moving forward while looking around ( Hold W & Mouse Right Hold Down + Drag )

Advance Movement

  • Q - Move downwards in elevation
  • E - Move upwards in elevation
  • Shift - Accelerate in chosen WASD direction, used in combination with WASD
  • Right Mouse Double Click - Dash towards selected point on screen
  • Right Mouse Click Hold + Drag + Alt - Orbit with selected point on screen as rotation anchor
  • Middle Mouse Scroll - Move Back and Forth in a front screen facing direction (Goes through model and objects)
  • Middle Mouse Click Hold + Drag - Look Around
  • Middle Mouse Scroll + Alt - Zooms in on object or selected point on screen (Does not go through model and object)

Difference between "Middle Mouse Scroll " and "Middle Mouse Scroll + Alt "

Middle mouse scroll, without the Alt, allows users to move forward and backward and through objects in the model.

Whereas, with the Alt button, it does not allow the user to pass through the object, which helps with inspecting an object very up close without passing through it. Also useful for getting into tight spaces for precise 2 Point edge snap measurements.