Case Studies

See how our clients use VRcollab in their workflow


8 Ways To Improve Your BIM Collaboration During A Pandemic

Lockdowns are the norm of 2020. Here are 8 ways you can improve your BIM collaboration during a pandemic.


Case Study: Boustead Projects’ Digital Transformation in Engineering

Established in 1996, Boustead Projects Limited [] is a leading real estate solutions provider in Singapore, with core engineering expertise in the design-and-build and development of smart eco-sustainable business park and industrial developments for clients including Forbes Fortune 500, S&P 500 and Euronext 100


Case Study: How China Construction Uses Virtual Reality in Coordination Meetings

We spoke with CCDC’s Head of Corporate VDC/BIM, Rob Sanchez, to understand their transition into BIM & VDC, and how they utilise virtual reality and VRcollab in their processes.