VRcollab x BIM360

Immersive real-time coordination of your models from BIM 360 Docs & Autodesk Docs

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Synchronise your Models & Issues directly

Bring your updated models and accompanying issues directly into coordination.

Cross Platform Usability across XR and non-XR devices

Coordinate with your Keyboard / Mouse, Virtual Reality Devices and AR enhanced iPads.

Make BIM coordination accessible to all stakeholders

Our intuitive features allow for stakeholders of all BIM skill levels to participate effectively.

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Here’s how to get started!

Step 1 : Add VRcollab to your BIM360 Docs

Get a BIM360 Account Admin to add VRcollab “app” to your BIM360 Docs via custom integrations.

Step 2 : Link your BIM360 & VRcollab User Accounts

By ensuring your BIM360 account is linked to your VRcollab account, you may select your preferred BIM360 model and bring your model into VRcollab.

Step 3 : Start Coordinating!

Design Reviews, Technical Meetings, VR Client Presentations we got you covered. Feel free to contact us at info@vrcollab.com, we would love to hear from you!

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Try VRcollab for your coordination