2 Point Measurement with Edge Snap

Using 2 Points Measurement to accurately measure between 2 specific points in VRcollab, this is further enhanced with smart edge snap detection.

VRcollab has multiple measurement methods:

In this article, we cover how a user can choose to measure between any 2 defined points.

2 Points Measurement

  1. In the "Tools" icon on the bottom panel of VRcollab, select Measure (2 Points)
  2. Click your cursor to the start of any surface you need to measure
  3. Drag your mouse across the screen and click the endpoint of your object

Note that in this mode, VRcollab® Smart Edge Detection is active by default.

This allows the cursor to snap to the edges of the BIM objects allowing for quick yet precise measurements:

  • When cursor shows a " Blue O " - no edge to snap to
  • When cursor shows a " Blue ▢ "  - snapped to nearest edge

Users can toggle the following settings:

  • Lock Measurements to Project Axis
    • No Lock
    • Any Axis
    • X
    • Y
    • Z
  • While selecting Project's axis setting to either its Project North OR True North.
  • Toggle "Snap to other Measurements" (Snaps to Endpoints and Mid points of other measurements)
  • Toggle "Snap to Model Edges" (On/Off VRcollab® Smart Edge Detection)