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Introducing Bridge

The core engine of VRcollab now opens to the public!


VRcollab announces BIM Track Integration

VRcollab has just announced its integration with BIM Track, allowing for users to bring in models and corresponding issues directly from BIMtrack into VRcollab for interdisciplinary virtual coordination.

Generation of Issue Reports

A step by step guide on how to generate issue reports for rendered BIM models. Exported report format/ file types are BCF, XLS, XML, PDF and Web.

Multi-user Voice Function (VoIP) And Microphone Set Up

Learn how-to use Multi-user Voice function within VRcollab's local and internet BIM coordination meetings here. i.e. In-app voice chats.

Merging BIM Models

A step by step guide on how to merge BIM models of the same or different format/ file types in VRcollab.

Supported BIM Softwares and Formats

BIM Authoring Softwares and Its Versions: Autodesk Revit 2014-2021, Autodesk Navisworks 2016-2021, Rhino3d 6, Graphisoft ArchiCAD 21/22, .3dm, .fbx, .skp

Launching BIM 360™ Projects In VRcollab

You can download a BIM 360 project straight into VRcollab, without opening BIM 360. Here's how: 1. Ensure your BIM 360 account is linked in VRcollab (Settings > Account > Connect to BIM 360) 2. Click on Download located at top panel of VRcollab 3. Select BIM 360


VRcollab Integrates with BIM 360® to Streamline Collaboration

This is yet another monumental moment here in VRcollab as we announce our new update and introduce our new BIM 360 integration.

Firewall Connection & Anti-Virus Settings

There are a number of settings to configure in order for VRcollab to run smoothly and without disruptions. First, you should check with your IT department as to whether your work machine has any anti-virus software installed and, additionally, whether you will need to specify some URL exceptions in your


8 Ways To Improve Your BIM Collaboration During A Pandemic

Lockdowns are the norm of 2020. Here are 8 ways you can improve your BIM collaboration during a pandemic.

Adding Models To BIM 360™

How to add your models to BIM 360 before linking to VRcollab

Linking BIM 360 Projects In VRcollab

Link your BIM 360 files in VRcollab

Adding VRcollab To BIM 360™

How to add VRcollab into BIM 360 from BIM 360 App Store


Introducing Collab Mode: A New Way To Lead Your Meetings

If you’ve used VRcollab’s old Follow Mode, you will realise that this no longer exists. We now have something better for your presentations!


Inclusive and Seamless: A New VRcollab Experience With Igloo

A collaboration that was bound to happen. Igloo and VRcollab integration birthing a more immersive BIM presentation and VRcollab experience.


Graphics Improvements: VRcollab LITE v0.10.26 Out Now

Improved graphics, meeting links and a whole new organization dashboard


The Biggest Challenges Technology Adoption is facing in Construction

Although the adoption of technology in the AEC industry has been going on for the better half of the past decade, many companies are struggling to truly realise its long term benefits and sustainability past the pilot stages.

User Guide VRcollab Portal

Managing your personal and organisational accounts & licenses.