VDC Tools

VRcollab Tools & Features to help users better interrogate, communicate and understand their virtual coordination models.

Generation of Issue Reports

A step by step guide on how to generate issue reports for rendered BIM models. Exported report format/ file types are BCF, XLS, XML, PDF and Web.

Multi-user Voice Function (VoIP) And Microphone Set Up

Learn how-to use Multi-user Voice function within VRcollab's local and internet BIM coordination meetings here. i.e. In-app voice chats.

Merging BIM Models

A step by step guide on how to merge BIM models of the same or different format/ file types in VRcollab.

Inspection of BIM Object Metadata

Using Inspection Tool to view the BIM Object Metadata, and hide objects & layers

Automatic Measurement

Use Automatic Measurement to accurately and quickly measure distances between objects in VRcollab

2 Point Measurement with Edge Snap

Using 2 Points Measurement to accurately measure between 2 specific points in VRcollab, this is further enhanced with smart edge snap detection.

Bounding Box Measurement

Measuring 3-axis of dimensions of any BIM object using Bounding Box Measurement in VRcollab

Sunlight Analysis

Adjust Sunlight to simulate the time of day to study how it affects shadows in the design

Object Creation and Placement

Placing preset objects such as that of human avatars, trees, bushes, vehicles, furniture. While allowing for the parametric building of scaffolding structures against BIM models.

Screenshot Capture

Taking a Screenshot (Viewport Capture) for documentation and issue creation purposes. While allowing user to annotate on image, toggle panorama capture.

Comment Tags

Tagging Comments to specific objects, while specifying the type of comments for easy documentation of issues and BIM reiteration.

Annotations and Callouts

Using Freehand Annotations to callout BIM Model issues discovered during design review in VR and Non-VR Modes.