Product Updates

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VRcollab Integrates with BIM 360® to Streamline Collaboration

This is yet another monumental moment here in VRcollab as we announce our new update and introduce our new BIM 360 integration.


Introducing Collab Mode: A New Way To Lead Your Meetings

If you’ve used VRcollab’s old Follow Mode, you will realise that this no longer exists. We now have something better for your presentations!


Graphics Improvements: VRcollab LITE v0.10.26 Out Now

Improved graphics, meeting links and a whole new organization dashboard


8 Best Practices To Improve Design Review Presentations

8 best practices for you to implement during your presentations to achieve productive and effective coordinations that expedite sign off.


BIM Coordinated Standalone Exportations – VRcollab v0.10.18.0

We are proud to release VRcollab v0.10.18.0; some of the key features in this release include the BIM coordinated standalone (.exe) exportation, Toggle between Imperial and Metric Units of measurements and Superlayers of Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Navisworks®. Standalone (.exe) Exportation > Interactive document or takeaway from a