Export from Autodesk®️ Revit®️ into VRcollab

A step by step guide from Installation to viewing projects on VRcollab from Autodesk®️ Revit®️.

  1. Launch Revit®️.
  2. Open your desired project onto Revit®️.
  3. Click on "VRcollab" tab and this will prompt an export window to pop up.
  4. Select the 3D view that you wish to export.
  5. Click on "Export" when prompted - Export time is dependant on file size.
  6. Upon export completion, VRcollab will automatically launch.
Export Revit®️ Models into VRcollab
  1. On the left of VRcollab Launcher, your project will be on the top of the "Project List", labelled as "New".
  2. Select your project and you will see the "Project Overview" page.
  3. Click on the "Launch" button and wait for VRcollab to load your project.