Object Creation and Placement

Placing preset objects such as that of human avatars, trees, bushes, vehicles, furniture. While allowing for the parametric building of scaffolding structures against BIM models.

Accessing "Create and Place" Tool

  1. Click on "Tools" icon situated on the bottom menu
  2. Select "Create and Place" (Hotkey F9)
  3. A side menu will pop up allowing the user to select the desired
  4. Select Object, mouse over model and click to place
Create and Place Basic Objects in your BIM Design
Note that the "Bush" Object has 6 different models that rotate upon every placement.

Deleting, Relocation and Precise Placement of Objects

  • Delete: Select Inspect Tool > Click on Object > Click on "Delete" on side pop up panel
  • Relocate: Same steps as "Delete", but click on "Relocate" instead on side pop up pane
  • Precise Placement: With object selected but not yet place > position view using WASD > object orientation is fixed to user viewpoint > place object
Deleting, Relocating and Precision Placement of Objects

Parametric Building of Scaffolding on BIM Project

  1. Select "Scaffolding" object in "Create and Place" Menu
  2. Place Scaffolding on the ground or against building
  3. If against BIM model, drag while holding down the left click, upwards building of scaffolding will only be allowed if it is against a BIM object/building
  4. Release left click after intended scaffolding structure is shown
Scaffolding is built parametrically on the BIM Model