VRcollab is compatible with the HTC Vive Cosmos. Certain third party VR drivers and softwares will need to be installed before use with VRcollab.

First Time Setup with the COSMOS

  • In order to run VRcollab with the HTC Vive / Vive Pro, you’re required to have Steam, including SteamVR, installed and running. All required software will be installed by the official Vive Setup.
  • Once installed, VIVE Console will guide you through all the setup steps needed to prepare your room scale VR experience (Run Room Setup).
  • When VIVE Console and SteamVR signals everything is green and ready to go, you can go ahead and launch VRcollab software and project.
  • You should be able to see a digital VR avatar in the software.
Unable to Install VIVE and Steam Components due to firewall or security access, Click Here to Install SteamVR in an Enterprise or Government Use Environment

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