1. Launch VRcollab.
  2. Select the Project.
  3. In the Project Overview, on the top right, click on the “Docs” tab.
  4. Here, click on the “Export Docs” button.
  5. A pop-up, “Export Manager”, will show.
  6. Select the format from the “Format” drop-down list. Formats available are BCF, Excel, Navisworks XML, PDF and Web.
  7. After selection, click on the “Export” button.
  8. A window explorer pop-up, “Save-as”, will show.
  9. Now, select the location you want for exportation and click on “Save”.
  10. Upon successful exportation, the exported file will be automatically launched.


The exported document has information which includes: the Issue Number, Type of issue, User (who created the issue), Element ID, Location, Comment and its corresponding Screenshots.