Inspection of BIM Object Metadata

Using Inspection Tool to view the BIM Object Metadata, and hide objects & layers

VRcollab's inspection tool helps users to easily access and view BIM metadata tied to the specific BIM object. Using the inspection tool will temporarily highlight the selected object in a translucent, blue colour until it is deselected, or another object is inspected. Users get a clear indicator of what object is being inspected.

BIM Inspection Tool

  1. Select "Inspect" on the bottom panel in VRcollab
  2. Once users have selected the object to inspect, a (black) data tab will open on the left
  3. Users can scroll down the tab to explore the BIM metadata
  4. Press ESC on their keyboard to exit the inspection mode
  5. The metadata displayed in VRcollab will differ acc

The metadata displayed in VRcollab will differ according to the BIM file format originated from:

  • Autodesk®️ Revit®️ - Data and properties such as Geometry, Structural, Phasing, Construction, Constraints, Material, Identity Data and Analytical Properties, etc
  • Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ - Custom data and Element-level data such as Element ID, Phasing, Constraints, etc
  • Archicad - General Ratings, IFC Properties, Main Construction data
  • Other File Formats - With file formats such as Sketchup, Obj, and FBX, users will only be able to inspect the Appearance (Material) data and any other accessible data

With the inspection tool, users can not only explore the BIM metadata but also do the following:

  • Hide Object - Hide the selected object in VRcollab
  • Show All Hidden Objects - Makes the previously hidden objects visible in VRcollab
  • Hide Layer - To hide the entire layer relating to the selected object in VRcollab
  • Show All Layer - Makes the previously hidden layers visible in VRcollab
  • Measure Bounding Box - Automatically measures the bounding box of the selected object
Inspect Tool can also be used to select User Generated Objects (Measurements, Create & Placed Objects, Comments, Annotations, Etc.), thus allowing the user to delete, edit, relocate the User Generated Objects in the VRcollab Model.