VRcollab announces BIM Track Integration

VRcollab announces BIM Track Integration

VRcollab has just announced its integration with BIM Track, allowing for users to bring in models and corresponding issues directly from BIMtrack into VRcollab for interdisciplinary virtual coordination. Issues created in VRcollab are also directly synchronized back to the BIM Track project for better issue management.

VRcollab X Ray Mode for interdisciplinary virtual coordination
X Ray mode allows for MEP to be viewed in context with Architectural and Structural trades

Despite Building Information Modelling (BIM) being mandated in many projects over the past decade. The lack of BIM trained talent still makes up a large majority of our industry who are not able to access critical information from BIM during stakeholder coordination and design sign offs. Thus leading to long RFI cycles and soft clashes being undetected and built downstream. Traditional solutions also do not aid the BIM trained in communicating and collaborating with the rest of the project stakeholders.

VRcollab BIMTrack issue Creation
Issues are synchronised instantly 2 ways between VRcollab and BIM Track

The plug and play nature of VRcollab's solutions allows for stakeholders to jump into a design coordination and start navigating, interrogating and marking out issues with intuitive ease. Integrated to your BIM, 3D formats and CDEs. VRcollab features smooth renderings and intuitive one click tools; allowing for improved engagement and communication. With a key focus on inter-disciplinary coordination with features such as X-Ray Mode. VRcollab also allows for real-time remote coordination and extended reality functionality should you require it.

VRcollab has cross platform functionality, where both VR and non-VR users are able to coordinate seamlessly. VRcollab is integrated to all commercial off the shelf VR devices such as HTC VIVE, HTC Cosmos, Oculus Rift and Windows MR series.

About VRcollab

VRcollab boosts BIM’s viability by making it more collaborative, usable and scalable for all stakeholders - allowing for cross-border, cross-discipline collaboration. Offering a common platform that levels barriers, democratises digitalisation, and onboards all AEC stakeholders. Helping users become more confident and take full advantage of digital tools regardless of their role, capacity or skill in their built projects. Find our more at www.vrcollab.com

About BIM Track

BIM Track is the industry-leading web-based design and constructability issue management platform that empowers teams with improved coordination communication and issue-management workflows. BIM Track can be accessed using a browser, or directly in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, AutoCAD & more. More than 500 firms use BIM Track in 40 countries for better collaboration.

For more information, visit www.bimtrack.co